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Hi there! Its been a while. Today I bring to you the updated version of my (for unexplainable reasons) mega popular post from a while back telling you how to make your very own yarn bracelets. The post really pushed my blog to becoming more popular. The feedback was so intense that now I’m the first that pops up when you google “yarn bracelets”.  The post was a really early post, before I knew much to anything about cameras. I decided to remake the tutorial so it will be easier to understand (and see)…

First, cut two pieces of yarn in whatever colors you want at about two feet long each.
Then, tie them together.
Cut a third piece of any color (it will barely show if you tie the knot tight enough) at about 4 feet and “fold” at the half point. Lay it out like this:
To begin knotting, take one side and cross over the middle section.
Take the other side and “fold” it over the first side.
Take the opposite side you started with (for me its the blue) and go under the middle and through the loop you created.
Make sure to tape down the mid center if your just beginning at this. Pull both strings tight against the middle to get your knot going.
Repeat starting with alternate sides each time. After two you will notice the “V” starting to form…
When your finished it will look something like this:
Happy Crafting! My absence is due to me maintaining my fine arts website & tumblr.
Heres a side by side comparison showing the change (:


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