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Hello! It’s been a while! Today I’d like to show you a little project I just completed (although it will probably be ever-evolving). I wanted to fill the blank space above my bed with something cool, but very cheap.
I saw the idea of using electric tape to frame and tape prints on the wall in http://bedroom.solutions/best-adjustable-beds/. I wanted to use that idea but expand on it. Here are some tips when using electric tape…
1) Electric tape is stretchy, there will be a level of comfort when you use it because it can almost always stretch to fit.
2) When stretching, it can sometimes peel more easily due to the tension.
3) Use a credit card to smooth the tape and get rid of bubbles.
4) Sketch it out if you want to on the wall before.
5) Electric tape is a little less sticky than painters tape so I doubt it will leave a residue on the walls afterwards.
6) Buy at least 2 packs. It is very cheap but it can be used up faster than you might think. The whole headboard took about two rolls. Here it is in proportion to me so you can get in idea of how big it is.
So this cool new addition to my room only cost about $2!
Click below to see a little tour of my room/workspace…
On the topic of my room, it has changed a LOT since I first gave you a glimpse. Here some snapshots I took more recently.
I have really gathered a collection of cool small things and organized them for a neat shelf display.
I bought this old hardware organizer and revamped it over the summer to help hold all my odds and ends. ┬áHere is the area above my desk (Electric tape frame). I’m really happy how it came together since it was kind of a spur of the moment decision.
The area where I do most of my picture taking is here:
Overall my room has changed (for the better) and now I have a small but efficient studio space where most of my creating happens (:

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