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I ordered a set of macro filters from Amazon (here) and for all that I have used them for so far, they have worked great! It comes with a x1, x2, x4, x10 filters. They screw onto your existing lens and then they can screw together like this:

The four relatively thin filters came clear and dirt-free in their own little carrying case!


I have had them for awhile now so I would like to share with you some of the tips and tricks I have found after experimenting with them.

Firstly, especially when they are stacked like I showed up there, they can create a vignette sort of ring. Unless this is the effect you’re going for, you can get rid of it by zooming past the ring. This may create some difficulties with focusing onto your subject so it is something you have to get used to.
please excuse the dirty keyboard!

Secondly, Manual focus is a must. Because it is an add on and has a pre-set aperture, there is more work involved to get your subject in focus with a combination of zoom and how close you get to your subject.

Gus’s eye
Thirdly, because the depth of field is so shallow, it might help (if your camera has the function) to see it in real time on the LCD screen instead of through the viewfinder thing. Especially because auto focus is hard to use.
My tastebuds! Eek!

Also, Gus was being a cooperative model but I would suggest still objects like flowers and small objects instead of the living things that are extra tricky to capture – unless you’re up for the challenge :).

You can always practice with your fingers, especially fingerprints, and your eye. I find those are the two things I take pictures of the most because… well… I always have them with me!

It really is just a matter of experimenting I’d say, it took a little while for me to get used to having these extra things on my camera. Hope this helps :).

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