Film Roll Candle Rings…

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Lets face it, film is getting more outdated every second and new generations (including some of mine) may not even know what it is. The effects film gives to a picture are popular now and can be seen in the filters on Instagram too.  I personally like the negatives more and we have plenty of them at my house stashed in our closet.
I thought I might as well help others put these cool pieces of art to use. This is super simple, a 30 second project.
They are obviously pretty transparent which works great to make a little candle ring! All you need is a fake candle, I think a real candle might burn the edges but I don’t want to find out. Unless you do it and it ends up looking cool :).  I’ve got an overwhelming response that film is highly flammable so I caution you from using a real candle (A “daft Pinterester could burn their entire house down”-laughed about that comment for a while)
Just wrap…
… and tape! If you want extra strength you can tie it together through the holes but I find that the tape is usually strong enough.
I find that it still lets the light shine through. It is just bright enough that if you look closely you can see the tiny pictures :).
Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment – I’ll reply faster if you email me through my contact page :).
Burton Guster – Gus
P.S. If all else fails, Gus really liked to play with these if they fell on the floor. Candle ring or cat toy! So versatile!

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