Halloween is Around the Corner…

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I know I’ve already done a pumpkin tutorial this year, but the more the better right? I saw this idea after my aunt showed it to me last year around this time. I can’t for the life of me remember who posted it, but ever since I have known I was going to make these adorably awesome vampire pumpkins!

I got pumpkins for a really good deal at our local fruit farm, Lynd’s. I got this super perfect small one for only 50ยข!


All you will need is the basic tools they always sell at Target around Halloween time. For some reason my family never used them until last year. They are cheap, and totally worth it! After this year’s Halloween season is over make sure to get them while they are discounted so you can use them the next year! Anyways, you should also get a pair of those cheesy vampire teeth and obviously a Pumpkin.


Take the cool looking one (above) and trace your teeth in a rough draft sort of way.


Once you have defined the shape, cut it out!
Pumpkin guts…


Hollow it out with a spoon.
Insert your teeth! (I do not mean to insult your intelligence by giving you this overwhelmingly easy tutorial). It might take a couple times for it to fit just right.
Put a fake candle in there – i lined it with foil to make it extra reflective and bright.




Creepy? Well I’ll leave you with cat pictures. Here is my Aunt’s cat Schroeder:


And her other cat (they are brothers) Linus:


Happy Halloween!

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