Faux Taxidermy Deer Diy

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Make your own deer head! I’ve been wanting to make a fake deer head like this for an unreasonable amount of time. Well I got around to it today! First of all you’ll need to print these out. They are templates, cut them out and they will piece into each other to make the deer/moose head you see above! It will only take two pieces of paper, and will make a cute-sized head. Oh and most importantly… PRINT ON CARDSTOCK.

Here are the printables once more…

Note: The so called “Noggin” is actually apart of the neck. Now you can make it in just three easy steps.

Thats all! Print, Cut, Create. Once you print it out its pretty self explanatory how it goes together. But if it isn’t here are all the different parts labeled and put in place.



Main Part 1


Neck 2. Please note that I made a mistake in calling it a noggin on the printable, oops!

Main Part 2.

Ok well I think these would look cool pretty much anywhere, plus they are so light that you can just tape or tack them up on the wall. I folded the back strips that stick out to be plat and then taped it up that way. Here is the sideview.

I am super stoked about this and I might just go make some more ;). Will you make one? (or more?) Leave a comment below.

Thanks as always :),

P.S. I have to give the credit where credit is due to Christina Loff from Chronicle Books Blog whose template was modified to create the free printable I have today. Thanks Christina!

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