DIY Mustache Necklaces!

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Ok so this week I made some awesome mustache necklaces. I realize this trend is sort of fading from the craft and blogging world but I still love the shape and coolness of mustaches. I used Fimo Soft and Fimo effect clay. Both in which I talked about extensively in my first clay review here. Its an amazing type of clay, and well you can read the rest there but it is really fun and easy to work with. You can actually make this necklace very, very easily. First roll out your clay…

Cut two mustaches out of the clay if you’re not good at freehand cutting lay then try drawing one one paper.. Cut it out and then cut around it on the clay. Now roll two small balls that will be proportioned so they will fit like this in the mustache.


Put your second mustache on top of the other mustache and two balls. The balls give it some shape.


Your mustache should look something like this.


You can see there is a seam usually. Sometimes it is worse than other but if its noticeable than just smooth it with a sculpting tool or your finger. Here is what they should look like (drawn)


Here is the real version of them.
So there you have it! Its a real fun way to add charm to your neck. Man that just sounds horrible but yes, add charm to your neck. They are really easy to make though so its totally worth it. And now a picture of what you’re really supposed to make these necklaces for…
So yes once you make these you can walk around like me (looking like a complete idiot) but still feeling amazing because who doesn’t want to flaunt a blue mustache? Theres your tutorial! Have a good weekend!

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