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Make these cute little charms  out of crushed rocks or crystals!

Hey guys, I am really excited about this next DIY tutorial because I got to smash things to pieces with a hammer! This was so incredibly fun for me because, well seeing rocks explode is fun! But I wasn’t just destroying pretty rocks for nothing, I was putting them to good use. I had a whole bunch of pretty crystals that would be perfect to sparkle in the light around someone’s neck!

You will need those little glass tube charms that they sell at any craft store. I just found the ones in my crafts store which were at the very bottom of the jewelry shelf, all dusty and old. But for about $1.50 each (two came in a pack).

The rocks I used were (from top) pyrite, also called fools gold, a home-grown crystal from a cheesy little kit, and that mystery rock that I found in my rock box! I don’t know what its called but I will refer to it as rainbow rock because thats what it looks like :). I also made a blue and yellow necklace out of the same home-grown crystal stuff. I used those because I liked how it got really light and pastel-like!
Now for the DIY, it is pretty self explanatory but just in case you don’t understand I gave it captions.
1) Get your hammer out.
2) Give it a good whack with your hammer…
3) Now lightly tap it (depending on your rock, mine was easy to break) and try to get it into a small chunks or a powder at least small enough to fit in your glass container.
*one important tip: don’t force the rock in, or else it might end up like this:
Now that isn’t pretty! 🙁 And I had already filled it with pretty rainbow rock!


Now hang it from chain, I like the look of really thin chains so thats what I used! I’ve been meaning to try magnetic closure but the classic little hook thingy works well too.  So with useless old rocks or crystals, you can make a beautiful necklace that will have people coming up to looking at your interesting piece of jewelry!

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