This page is a collection of some of my earliest crafts. Enjoy.

  • STOP MOTION!, some of my newest stop motions and tips so you can make one (or more) yourself!

  • Photo Trick, I just found a great way to make the subject in your photo stand out!

  • PROJECT PINTEREST, where I share with you, my favorite crafty finds from Pinterest!

  • Crafty weekend, this weekend I bought a printer's drawer crocheted a beard hat, and more!

  • DIY Crochet Bowls, crochet yourself some cute little bowls to organize your mess of little things!

  • Sticks and cats, my newfound love of photography, current love of nature, and ongoing love of cats!

  • The weekend, a small look in the uneventful but creative weekend of me!

  • DIY Light Box, add to your photos by making a very cheap light box that works great!

  •  Camera Necklace, My latest creation of jewelry that will remind any photographer of their passion!

  • Free Giveaway, get a custom portrait of yourself or someone you know! 
  • Beard Hat, a lok at one of my crochet creations that keeps me warm during cold Ohio weather!


  • Felting, this is a great tutorial to learn how to start felting!

  •  Business Cards, a how-to on making cool but simple personal business cards!

  • Pet Rocks, a funny way to add some character to rocks, great for presents!