You Just Got Burned (Wood Burned)...

My awesome aunt Katy (see bottom) got me a supercool gift of a wood burner which I have been getting familiar with over the past couple weeks! Weirdly, I like the smell of burnt wood (now I can add that to weird scents I like that include fresh paint, new cars, sharpies, and others that I just can't think of right now) so its just positive all around :).

I bought some of the wooden disks from JoAnns awhile ago and now I can finally put them to use! Heres a little doodle I did with a couple stupid tricks you probably could have figured out on your own. This just makes it look cool...

Its good to remember to preheat your iron, or tool thing completely so that your lines are more consistent than if you started with it half heated and it would be extra uneven etc. Plus, I think its really good to have scrap wood to practice on so that you don't mess up especially on big items like instruments or furniture. My aunt also got me this cool wooden briefcase which will for sure be decorated when I work up enough energy to tackle another project ;).

I especially love the texture it gives and its pretty durable considering that it cant really rust or fade if you seal it.

There are all of my creations so far! Lots of cats and self portraits. Except for the bearded man who is really just a cleverly disguised mistake.

There is my burning of my aunt on another side of my practice piece of wood block. 

A couple other tips...

1) Test on the back of your wooden object to give you insight on the way that wood burns.
2) Seal with Mod Podge or clear spray (maybe even hairspray like Charcoal) to keep the ashy wood from rotting out. 
3) Ask for peoples old burns. This is weird but I like looking at the techniques of others. Others, meaning my Dad who made this (I think when he was in high school)...

Rawr! If you're interested in woodburning, a woodburner shouldn't be super expensive and you can find a relatively cheap one here. 

Get to burning! (btw nothing that feels pain should be burned and use them responsibly. I bet if you're reading this you don't need a 13 year old telling you to use a wood burner safely but just in case :) Haha thanks again!

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  1. Nice. I've wanted to try wood burning for ages. Ever since I saw expensive wood furniture that had burned in designs then painted with bright colors, I said ' I can do that!' I figured I'd search garage sales for old furniture. You've inspired me! I'll wait until spring though.

    Congrats on your metal-free smile!


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