It's Pumpkin Time...

Its pumpkin season and that means I have been coming up with ideas for this year's pumpkin(s)! I like carving but it takes a long time and I don't exactly like the smell of pumpkin insides anyways. 

First just get a pumpkin (obviously). I got mine at a Lynd's Farm, a local place who had medium and small sized pumpkins for only $1 and 50¢!

Get a whole bunch of the same nails and some thin yarn or embroidery floss.

Next print out your letter of choice. P for my last name and for pumpkins. use a relatively simple font like Ariel so it is clear and readable.

Tape it down, this doesn't really have to be perfect but as long as it is a guide then it will work.

Nail in the nails approximately the same space apart.

Rip off the paper and the nails will stay.

Take your thread and tie a knot around any nail. Preferably tie it onto one of the bottom ones so it is less noticeable.

Now wrap randomly, looping completely around each nail to prevent any slips.

(side view)

(straight on)

That close up shows how the yarn wraps completely around each one. If the nails were to high you can hammer them down a little bit, but too much will cause the strings to loosen and it will lose a definite shape.

I also made the one above ( T for Ty ). I always would like to see your versions of all my projects! Just email me at knowandtellcrafts@hotmail.com! 

Happy Fall time!


  1. Very cute idea!


  2. Love it! So much easier than cleaning out a pumpkin. I love to carve, but those stringy insides and as you say the smell...yucky. At 54 years old carving is a bit much. I'd seen the same general idea for wall art but had not thought of it for pumpkins. Thanks so much!


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