The Happiest Place on Earth

No no, this definitely isn't Disney World but it is a very cool place! Its called Mendelson's Liquidation Outlet. It really is "the first place to look for every last thing".

Its pretty much indescribable.. but I think I can do a pretty good job.

 It is about 6 floors and looms over you in an array of boxed and dusty windows. Only the first and third floors are open to the public, which really makes you wonder about the other 4 and maybe the basement. It is also basically confirmedly haunted if you ask me. I mean its just impossible to NOT be right?

It is row upon row of boxes stacked on boxes of parts and tubes and springs and things and its awesome. Ok so I hope that sums it up a little :). The above and below picture are both from the second floor.

Now to the first floor, where it is actually impossible to describe. It is basically nuts and bolts, chairs, old lockers, kitchen equipment, tupperware, some clothing, a leather store, and so, so much more. I bought a chemistry tube from their little glass tube section since I liked the shape so much.

In the second and smaller building, they have display cases from jewelry shops for sale, odds and ends from mannequins, and old booth seats from restaurants. The back is full of cheap pieces of glass. Rows and rows of glass and mirrors.

Not pictured is the self operated elevator. Maybe one of the most boring jobs is to be that poor person sitting there pushing a button. It also makes Mendelson's that much more special. If you are wondering where this is, then I'll tell you. It is in Dayton, Ohio! I usually visit Mendelson's every other time I go to my grandparents who live about 15 minutes away.  Well I hope this convinces you to go! The last time I was there I got these things...

That is the test tube I talked about, some old door handles, a large ring, furnace filter with cool metal design, and two pieces of glass! Hope this has convinced you to take a trip to Ohio! Now to give you a little more of a view of it, here is a link to a sort of cheesy YouTube video about the place. Click here.


  1. This is so cool! I wish there was a place like this around where I live!

  2. I was just in Ohio this past summer...if only I had know about this place :o(

  3. Sounds amazing and I think you hit the jackpot with the old beaker:) I wonder what potions were in it! if you put flowers in it they might grow jack and the beanstalk style

  4. Ty, this looks UH-MAZING. I am so jealous you have this nearby!


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