Geo Beads DIY!

   Man has this week gone by fast! Just yesterday I said to myself "It's Wednesday!" (in disbelief) but with a calendar check it was Wednesday, which means that I had to take pictures of my craft pronto! And that my folks, I have done :). This week I made Geometric Beads. To show you how to make them, I drew this little comic explaining the whole process...

1// Roll clay into balls.
2// Fold out some paper clips or sturdy wire.
3// Put your clay balls on the wire to pierce them to make them beads.
4// Bake your beads as directed.
5// Take your balls out.
6// While hot, cut sides off quickly to get nice straight lines.
7// Take jewelry wire that has stoppers at the end and put them through the bead.
8// Bend the wire to become a loop and put it onto your necklace, earring or whatever...

THE END! And just a fair warning, the beads can sometimes be hard to cut and this crafts is not maybe  so much for clumsy people like me. I am now sporting a pair of double band-aids because of my run-ins with the exact-o knife. I drew a little something to warn you :).

Bloody peace! (YUCK!)

I made earrings out of them so here is the final results...

Be creative (for always).


  1. This is so awesome! Thanks for another great DIY tutorial.


  2. Great tutorial.
    I love your blog, you're very fresh and unique.
    Thank's for sharing!


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