Shrinky Dinks!

So the name of what is essentially just shrinking plastic is pretty ridiculous. But it is also amazing! I had some extra Shrinky dink film laying around so I thought I might put it to good use! My designs started by being inspired by my vintage Argus "brick" camera. Which I then traced into a template.

Turned into this:

Cool right? Then I made some more. Including a cat, koala, and two types of mustaches. The point of these were so that you can print a template out, trace the design onto the film since it is transparent. 

So print that out, and then lay the shrinky dink paper over it and trace it with a sharpie. I varied in sizes because I just wasn't sure the size to shrink ratio.  If this makes sense, the biggest cat shrinks to about the smallest cat when finished. Now for some shrinky dink tips!

1) Use both scissors and an x-acto knife. The film is sturdy but by scoring on the front and back it will pop right out. Scissors tend to be to bulky and can end up ripping the film in a sharp corner. A mustache with curly tips is a good example of this.

2) The box sometimes says some crazy stuff like to use baby powder on foil and blah blah blah: it really doesn't matter. 

3) Nevertheless the box does have some good tips, like to let the pan preheat in the oven for even cooking. or even "shrinking"

4) For making jewelry holes a hole punch works great and will shrink to a good size for a jump ring. I like to hole punch it, square the edges around the hole, and then round the edges of the square. Sounds a little complicated but it definitely is not. Heres what it looks like:

Now pop in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Here is my little video showing them shrink.


Its good to have a spoon handy to flatten any curved ones quickly after you take them out. My shrinky dink that was filmed could have been saved but for the purpose of the video being cool and uninterrupted I let it be a doozy. 

Here are the after shrunk charms. I just used a jump ring to connect them to a keychain chain. I didn't do anything with the mustache because it will be easier to wear now. 

This is the beautiful kitty. Unsuccessfully Modeled after Gus.

And the (perfectly symmetrical) content koala.

Here are all three together. I haven't had good luck with the Camera yet but I'm gonna keep trying.

And now here they are size proportioned. So as you can see they are pretty small.

I would love to see your shrinky dink charms! If you ever do any of my projects and want to share with me you can always e-mail me at: 

I have an "i-device" so I naturally respond to emails pretty fast :).


  1. amazing! love all your diy's :)

  2. i used to love shrinky dinks~ great tutorial.

  3. flower11:33 AM

    aww i miss the old design of your blog :/ but this is nice too :) like the tutorial

    1. Haha I'm still trying to get used to it too, but I think it feels more clean and less busy.

  4. Very cool! I just played with DIY shrinky dink today. I got some #6 plastic today (basically it was the plastic box that my salad came in) and it's the same material as shrinky dink. You use it the same way as shrinky dink, but for only 3 minutes. There's some DIY instructions on google somewhere.
    Anyway, I made a mustache, a cloud, raindrops, and some anime stuff. I like painting the back of them with nail polish because it makes the whole thing shimmery looking.
    BTW, nice blog!

  5. Just discovered your blog, very inspiring! The deer head is high on my to do list :)
    We have this shrinkle paper also in colours such as white and black! It's a great thing to work with.


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