I pretty much have been going to sleep thinking about what to put on my shirt ever since I got new Iron-on transfer papers.  (I thought that phrase was fitting!) The point of this DIY is show you how to add your favorite or funny phrase onto a shirt! I got my transfer paper at Target for under $10 bucks and it came with plenty of sheets. To make my design I used photoshop, which worked great. The most important thing is that your image is flipped, because when you print it out you don't want the ink out towards the world, but instead sealed under. Was that confusing? Basically it's just so it doesn't come off in the wash! 
This was my design reversed and all..

Oh and wait! Before you iron anything on, print out a fast draft of your design to make sure its the right size and all! I chose low ink to print the draft and the best quality to print on the transfer paper. Here's the difference ( I reversed the image so it doesn't look crazy like the one above):
Now cut out your design, peel off backing (lightly score the back with an exact-o knife and it comes off real easily). Now its iron time! Please enjoy my trio of pathetic glamour shots of my iron:
And yet another tip: I used parchment paper even though my paper's directions did not call for it, I just wanted to be safe. I suggest being safe too. Ironing doesn't make for good pictures but lets just skip forward to my result!
JUMPSHOT! (I need help for my addiction)

I'm looking at something, even though there wasn't much to see.

I love this shirt, mostly because its true. If you like this shirt too, print out my design:

Ok so to review the tips:
  1. Flip your design.
  2. Print out your design as a draft first.
  3. Use an exact-o knife to get the pesky backing off the transfer paper.
  4. Use parchment paper.
  5. (not mentioned) But iron evenly, in circles, and make sure to iron the edges well, because they are less likely to peel or come off.
  6. Take jump shots.
Ha, okay if you really follow that last tip I'd love to see your picture! But even if you're not a jumpy-person, I still want to see. You can e-mail me your own results at awesomeartist99(at)hotmail(dot)com .

Thanks people!,


  1. Anonymous4:16 AM

    awesome :D

  2. Becala4:04 AM

    will try for sure!! thanks for the instructions , very entertaining

  3. Ive been trying to print my own screen prints for tshirts and sweatshirts and stuff for a while, but I dont really understand the fliiping part you are talking about? Are you supposed to print it backwards or no? Sorry I might be a dumbie

    1. Anonymous6:32 AM


  4. So pretty! I would be so worried about ruining it though haha!

  5. Very cool, so true for me 90% of the time, LOL! Thanks for the tips!!!


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