With all the old t-shirts that I have stashed in my closet, I need to start putting them use! To make your own printed shirt, keep reading and follow this tutorial:

1. Get yourself a t-shirt that fits.
2. And a cheap foam brush from any craft store.
3. A pack of freezer paper.
4. Some fabric paint in the color of your choosing.
5. A super sharp exacto-knife (be careful).
6. An iron set on the highest fabric setting.
7. Start by cutting out your design from the freezer paper.
8. Iron it waxy side down until it adheres to the shirt.
9. Paint your design in thin coats by blotting the foam brush lightly onto the fabric.
10. Let dry completely and peel off, it comes off easy so your design is left perfectly painted on the shirt!

            I took my love for mod podge to another level by making my shirt using this technique! I used an iridescent paint that gives a shine to my design. I made the mod podge logo and took some pictures of my new shirt with the scenic backdrop of the woods behind my house :).

I also like fun hats but i have a lack of ones I would actually wear out:).

Unfortunatey, I'm not wearing anything very special. After school I usually change into my pajamas so today I dressed up (for me)!

It was a crazy sunny day, which was probably because of Ohio's confused weather system.

This proves just how sunny it was, and by standing by a window this bright glow emerged, and I thought it looked neat!

Hope you liked this craft, I'd love to see your results, so send them to me at awesomeartist99@hotmail.com! Thanks,



  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Thanks! I am going to make a Black Keys t-shirt with this newfound knowledge.

  2. So awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Great idea and instructions! Love your blog, keep up the good work! :)

  4. Mi piace molto. Grazie. Nonna

  5. I like that you enjoy organizing. :)

  6. I think you're brilliant.
    Let's make shirts together when we see each other next.
    I will get started on my design...

  7. I have a question. Could you wash this like a regular store-bought shirt with designs?

    1. If you have the right fabric paint it should work just fine :).

    2. Awesome! Thanks :)

  8. Its all about fabric also, but a great idea to have a tee shirts cheap price. Thanks for sharing this post

  9. Anonymous1:26 PM

    i think that for a dude, you're pretty cool :) don't know any other guys who are crafty like you :)

  10. Anonymous1:28 PM

    instead of freezer paper can you use baking parchment? the one thats waxy on 1 side

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  12. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Just wondering... What nationality are you?

  13. Cool fashion combination. Your design is simple, but absolutely powerful. You rocks men! :D

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  26. Thanks for sharing change tee shirt design idea.

  27. I've printed on untreated muslin by tacking it onto a piece of printer paper with a glue stick and just printing. It works best for small images and I haven't tried washing it. I'm going to try your method, though.

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