I have been working on my photography and to all the other bloggers out there, I want to help! Don't spend hundreds of dollars buying "professional light boxes" when you can make your own  practically for free! Here is how you make a simple light box, in only 5 steps to get "picture perfect" pics!( Click to enlarge)
1.Get a box, preferably square and is sturdy!

2.Cut squares out of the top, left, and right sides. Leave a 2.5 centimeter (1in.) border around it.

3.Get about 3ft. of light meshy white fabric and cover the sides you cut out.

4.Cut white foam board to fit inside of the box, there will be a small crease but it really isn't noticeable.

5.Get a nice light or lamp and light over the top of the box, the fabric acts as a filter, evening the light out.

Here are the pictures I got with my new light box:
My nicely oversized watch :).
Some letter beads, I had laying around. Thanks Katy :).

And my header (a little different), that I made with the crystal clear white background, using scrabble tiles. I used a vintage filter on the first to which is why they have a more off-white color.
My elephant:)

I <3 Scrabble tiles. I have an abundance of them which is all the better!
A very important part of this project: the light. I didn't say but I used a flexible desk lamp that works great!

And to finish, LOVE... Happy Valentine's Day everyone. This would be cute as a present if it were framed! Thanks everyone and please comment if you have any questions, or e-mail me at awesomeartist99@hotmail.com.


  1. Love YOU! Love THIS! Beautiful pics. (you can find words in the letter bead one.)

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    To not have the crease in the back, take a long piece of poster board paper and tape it (with white duct tape or clear packing tape) to the edge of your box and tape the other end to the top of the back of your box, creating a slight curvey angle. This will give the bg a seamless feel. Also, in place of fabric, you could use parchment paper, but the fabric is leas

  3. Your blog is pretty, that's for sure. I think your font is very difficult to read and I don't like it. Great photos, and clear, well-illustrated instructions.

    1. Thanks a lot, about the font... For some reason, when the page is not fully loaded a cursive font appears instead of my other beloved font. Hope this helps because a blogs no good if you can't read what's on it:)

  4. Great tutorial! I am new to blogging and I struggle with photos!

  5. I think this is great. We are always trying to improve our photography of our items, especially our smaller items. It would be better if we could use recycled boxes and foam board from previous projects, (sorry I am such a reuse person) But this is just an awesome project.

  6. Anonymous3:03 PM

    love the elephant!

  7. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I LOVE YOU! you have the best website ever! I just cant stop kooking at alkl ur awesome stuff! i love the necklaces like the camera and the blue bear one with its tounge sticking out and the mushrooms it just awesome!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Does it have to be a square box? Won't a rectangle do ?
    Thanks for your awesome blog.Its lovely.

    1. I prefer square but it doesn't really matter :).


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