Okay so happy New Year and now starts the countdown to the end of the world. I wanted to reflect on what I have been working on this year. I am covering many medias, such as sculpting, crocheting and knitting, drawing, and jewelry making. These are not in any particular order, so first one of my biggest projects was Melvin.

Sadly Melvin, my (handmade) pet Giraffe has never had ears. Anyway I made him with clay and he is covered in cut-out comic strips. He might one day have ears though. My cat decided to join in...
This summer I was busy learning how to crochet, but since I couldn't find anyone I knew that knew how to, I turned to the internet. After months of practicing the basics, I did make some coolish things.

Ipad and Ipod Touch cover cozies.
My first successful hat, it now displays my pin collection.
This green slouch hat is my favorite because it kind of hipster and casual.
This is the purple lacy hat that I made when I had the free time. Between being bored for the past couple days and the long three hour car travel, I have had plenty of time to make things. I made another hat for my mom thats also kind of slouchy(not pictured).

Next are all my sculpted things, I'd say that some of the things are just very "interesting" (and not in a good way) and others are more put together. (although all of them are time consuming)

This is the "interesting" piece I was talking about. The piece is a collection of metal nuts and bolts hanging from black string. In the middle, there are the fragile (time consuming, and hand folded) paper cubes, also hanging from string. They are all hanging from an old hardware piece at Mendelson's, a.k.a. the best place on Earth. Next is just a fun sculpture because I love fake taxidermy, I love it FAKE not REAL though.

Its a deer if you can't tell , his name is Frank. Frank's antlers are also from Mendelson's which its so amazing there. If the website didn't make it look great well, I can see why. Well anyway if you go there it is just a gigantic warehouse in Dayton, Ohio filled with metal nuts and bolts and vintage things...so cool. Ok so Frank is on a tiny plaque and is surrounded with felted balls. I just learned how to felt on Thursday, so anyone can do it. My next project is a gum ball machine lamp.

I made this when I had all the materials on my desk and accidentally put them together, which gave me the idea to make this and it works great too. It is only about a foot and a half tall and is filled with glass marbles. My next craft is kind of a sculpture, a half sculpture.

Here is my silhouette with me throwing up stars. All painted and I made the stars out of cereal boxes from a great tutorial I found online. This is my wall:

Also on the wall is (left) a print from Cody F. Miller and on the right is an Andy Warhol print that I got from his very cool museum in Pittsburg. Next is my bottle sculpture:

I used different materials to make this but I think it turned out pretty cool. Especially in photos when people might think it is a photo and then see that it is a sculpture.  In 2011 I really have done a lot of drawing, no different than any other year but I would like to keep improving.This picture represents the whole year because it's really my favorite style of drawing:
Even though it is a little disturbing I like drawing creepy angels (not weird)...(hopefully). I experimented with jewelry making this year and here were two of my first pieces, I named them jellyfish earrings:

 I like the color of these beads, I admit they don't look great in this photo though.
These were my very first complete pair and I made everything even the hooks.

My final thing are my new business cards rocks, handmade (of course) here they are:

That is my signature if you are wondering....TRP (my initials).

OK so if you have scrolled all the way down you get to enjoy cat pictures. The tiny grey kitten is Linus, a new addition to my Aunt's family...thought I should share because everyone likes kittens. Thanks I wont be posting until 2012 which is very close. Happy end of the world :)


  1. Hey please comment and tell me if you'd like a tutorial on any of the crafts shown *<(:(I) thanks

  2. Very imaginative! Inspired by your innovative ideas and work! Keep it up, Margo Isadora

  3. I am subscribing just to see what you create next! I am impressed.

  4. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Hey…your two awesomest friends are commenting on this because we think you should do a post on plarn… if you haven't already. We aren't going to scroll all the way through your webpage. :)

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  6. LOVE the business rocks!! Awesome idea!!

  7. Also loved Melvin. Covering him with comics was great!


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